Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pinar and Greg are MARRIED!!!!!

Hey guys! Sometimes the brides look like movie stars - Pinar sure did!! I just wanted to show you a sneak from yesterdays wedding - it was such a sweet wedding. Everything was hand made and adorable. I have been almost shooting weddings for a year now - crazy things happen and you see crazy stuff! WELL........... I was in the front of the ceremony kneeling while the bride was walking down the aisle... I had sandals on - it was 100 degrees! ALL OF A SUDDEN I look down at my foot and there is a bee stinging my foot!!! I picked the bee off of my foot and continued clicking away - I got that first shot as the bee was stinging me!! Bee stings happen all the time - but someones wedding only happens once :) I was fine - I think the bee might not have made it...


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