Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wedding in Gilroy

The veil fell off after this!!!!

I told them to kick back and relax and pretend like the honeymoon has started!!

I found out about this wedding from one of the groomsmen. He called me last October and told me that I had to shoot his best friends wedding. I said ok! We had a great engagement session at stern grove and lake merced. The thing that I remember most about the session in how sweet he was to Jenya. You could tell that they had something amazing. When I complimented him on it he said: I'm just so glad that I found her!! She looked like a model. Those are a few sneak peeks from the portrait session from the day. They were up for anything. Even a short session at 7:20 when the light was stellar!

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Anonymous said...

amazing shots. what a beautiful day, and a great time we had. Good job erica!!!