Sunday, May 11, 2008

All about Erica Berger.

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to my blog. I have decided that I need to put more of ME in my blog. This is the fab five. The BERGER's! Meet (from left to right) Jenna, Richard, Michele, Greg, and ME - Erica Berger. I finally got a great shot of my family all together. We took this when we went to Florida this year. SO FUN!

That is me on the right. Jenna is on the left - a "wicked" cool chick from Boston. She came out to San Fran a few weeks ago. I miss my east coast family and friends. I do not miss the snow! I love shooting in California.

What should you know about me?

I am living out my dream right now. I LOVE my job, it is wonderful.

I live on Nob Hill in San Francisco in a very cool red building. I love Apple - I have had a Mac since 1989. I am a geek! I'm an American Idol fan. I love flickr. - I put new stuff up everyday.

It comes as a surprise to most people who ask me - but I have only been shooting weddings since last July. 7/7/07 - believe it or not! I want to say thank you to all of those clients who took a chance on a young, fresh photographer. I have had the best year of my life. I am looking forward to this wedding season. I am keeping myself SUPER busy. I shoot at least three times a week and I would have it no other way!


Cindy Lowe said...

I'm your flickr contact and I have to say that you're an amazing photographer! :) I love checking out your work whenever you upload new stuff on flickr. :) My family is in S.F. and I would love to meet up with you someday. :)


Erica Berger said...

Hello Cindy - Let me know when you are here - we can shoot around or go out for lunch!

Chung T. Nguyen said...

Your business has evolved so much in less than a year. Congratulations! You should definitely post more info about yourself. I'm sure inquiring minds want to know more about the person behind the camera. (:

BTW - where do you get your albums done?