Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trash The Dress!!!

Let me start off with saying... I had the best photo shoot EVER. I love this couple. I did their engagement session, wedding and now we TRASHED this dress. It is savable and she is going to donate it. Jodi and Brian are adventurous, cute and FUN. We went to an amazing location ( it is my secret - but I will take you there if you want ) It was just amazing - reminds of of Las Vegas. Then we went in two bodies of water... trucked through the lake.... They are moving to Virgina, I will have to meet up when I am back east to photograph their children. Good luck guys - thank you for letting me be part of your lives.


Jodi said...


These are so awesome! You are so talented are we are so grateful to have gotten to work with you. I had soooo much fun on your shoots, especially the trash the dress, I'm ready to be a professional trash dresser now! Thanks again!

BabyD said...

Great one! I love the one in the old school house.

Lisa said...


Hi! I just want to also praise your work with Jodi & Brian! I am a friend and was lucky to attend their wedding. I wish you the best in your career. These are some absolutely fantastic photos!


Jenna said...

Ahhhh that dress in the water is AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

I did Christina Mexicanos hair for her wedding and her pics turned out great. The colors and shots in your pictures are amazing. Very natural poses Love it. I will definitely recommend you to brides that I work with.