Monday, May 12, 2008

Some changes around here.

Now that I have about 50 weddings under my belt - a lot of things have changed. First thing - I have upgraded equipment to the very top of the line. I collect lenses for fun!!

Here is my list:

2 580 ex ( flash!!)
4 Battery's
20 gigs
2 Canon 5d's
1 Canon 20d
1 Canon Rebel ( you can never have enough backups! )
24-70mm 2.8 Canon L
50mm 1.2 Canon L
70-200mm 2.8 Canon L
50mm 1.4 Canon
85mm 1.8 Canon
One Super huge bag - it rolls!!
Kubuta Actions
Super Rad Actions
Nichole Van Actions
Power Mac Tower - 23 inch cinema display ( I like to ZOOM in.)
Mac lap top ( I'm a an apple fanatic!! )

Here are a few photos of my albums that now come in the gold package.

I have taken on a few more assistants - I am ALWAYS searching for more amazing photographers who want to learn and shoot.

I have discovered a few new terrific places to shoot. Right now I am really into the Marin Headlines at sunset. It produces amazing images with golden light. An example is Jamie and Joe's shoot. We also shot at Sausalito. I LOVE to shoot at Half Moon Bay - Napa, Sonoma. I just shot at Haight street, that was fun!

I have been super privileged to have a lot of my couples wanting to do a "trash the dress" shoot. One of my goals is to be published with those images.

Feel free to leave comments - I would LOVE to hear from you.


Get published
Blog everyday
Make a Kiss album
3 destination weddings next year ( I have one - Puerta Vallarta Mexico - 2/15/09)
Assist an amazing wedding photographer
Meet Jessica Claire - or at least talk to her - my idol
See American Idol in concert ( hehe )
Explore more of this amazing city I live in ( San Francisco )
Get more feedback from my clients on my blog!
Trash the dress in different cities, countries with amazing fun brides!
Meet up with wedding photographers in the area - feel free to contact me.
Travel Travel Travel!
Learn from masters - take workshops.

MORE TO COME - this is off the top of my head

Thanks guys!


Dana Scheller said...

Hey Erica!
I came across some of your images on flickr and you are totally one of my inspirations. I L O V E your work!
I'm new to the wedding photography world and can't wait to publish some of my newer work on my website. Your images make me excited to do so and to keep being creative.

I was wondering what book brand you have pictured. I'm trying to find other companies that I might like better than who I currently use for different types of books.

anne_rausminiu said...

Hi Erica!
I just want to give you a quick compliment.. i love love love your work! you inspire me so much! you really make every single picture so special!
i gonna visit your blog now every day and i hope to learn from you a lot! wish you would give courses!! bet you can learn people a lot but i guess you are busy enough!!

thank you so much that you share your amazing work here on your blog and i have the opportunity to get inspired thru that so so much!