Saturday, July 12, 2008

Andrea & Scott - Introducing the 24 1.4

They are having their reception PARTY at the Red Devil Lounge on Nov 1st.

I Love the sweetness in this one.

I think I like this one best. I took it with my new lens! The 24 1.4

Which one works for you?

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I love the sweetness of this couple. We had a great time - lots of laughs.

I love new lenses ( what photographer doesn't? ) - I treated myself to the creamy wide 24 1.4 today. I love it. It is wide super sharp and has great DOF!!


Nancy said...

Erica -- I'm Scott's Cousin out near DC -- Wow -- what amazing photography, you are great! And the pics are awesome. Can't wait to see more after the wedding and reception - Nancy

Mary said...

Aunt Mary from Tahoe here. The pictures are so romantic. You have completely captured thier love for each other and the city. My favorite is the black and white. I see a lifetime of love and happiness in that picture.