Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Raychel & Joel - Feedback wanted!

Hey blog readers - I want some feedback! Do you like this one? Or the one below?

The first shot was a goofy one!! With this couple there were no bad angles!!

He is a foot taller than her. She makes him seem so tall!

I can tell this is going to be one fun wedding.

I love this one.

I LOVE this couple. They are FUN! The evening flew by. We started off at AT&T park - they are Giant fans! They were a bit nervous at first - but then they loosened up. Then we were off to union square - where he purposed. After that they wanted something more scenic. I wanted to get them away from the crowds - so we went to one of my secret places! I found out that they have been together since they were 17! They have big families and are very close to them. I had a great time with you guys - see you soon.

Please leave comments - which are you fav photos - do you like the saturated ones? Which one works for you the most?

Thanks so much!



Chung Nguyen said...

Raychel is just so adorable; and they're adorable together. Great photos, Erica!

Anonymous said...

I loooove the second one (of the two processing choices you put up). All of these are amazing!