Monday, June 30, 2008

I met Becker!

This photo was taken by the talented Cate Corbitt: - check her out!

I love to read photographers blogs. My two favorite wedding photographers in the whole wide world are Jessica Claire and Lauren Clark. Through those two I have found out about tons of amazing wedding photographers. Becker is definitely a favorite of mine. I love how he connects with his clients and other photographer - not to mention his great work.

We met the last bay area wedding photography meet up - please email me if you are interested in joining us for our next meeting. Becker won't be there but we have a nice collection of great photographers in the area.

Julie & Sam

I felt the heat with this one!

The money dance!

Father daughter dance.

I LOVE her hair. She is stunning and was glowing the whole day.

I always try to get all of the children at the wedding. This girl is too adorable!

It's electric - a boogie woogie!!!

This was a sweet wedding. It was on an air force base! It was full of good people - great dancing. I did the electric slide and cool entertainment. Thank you Lindsey for helping me out on this wedding. She has been working with me a lot in the past year and now she is ready to start doing sessions! Check her out:

Steven & Cristal

This wedding was awesome! I got there a little bit early and Cristal was waiting for her makeup artist. I thought she already was done up because she looked flawless. The ceremony was emotional and sweet. We had fun during the portrait session - we started off with the classic stuff then Cristal told me she wanted to have some fun! This was a fun group - the kids were the perfect age because they listened and they were CUTE. A big thanks to Liina for helping me out for the past few weddings!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Stacey & Lyal

This was a fun day. It was a very short ceremony in the Presideo. Then we were off to a few of my favorite places. There was a small party with us. They were fun - esp their son who is 16! I LOVE her dress - it is so simple and sexy!

Christina & Bob

I had a lot of fun with this building. This couple is so much fun...... I love it when brides LOVE their dress and want to have fun with it!

Remember them from the engagement session? I love how she wore pink and he was in blue.

Father & Daughter dance!

They had some great dance moves!

This was funny!! The whole room cracked up for about seven minutes!

I really liked how their house was painted.


This was such a fun wedding! Thank you guys. Can't wait to see you guys for our trash the dress session.